FX Hotels, Yansha, Beijing Hotel Wi-Fi Review

FX Hotel at Yansha Beijing is right smack dab next to Liangmaqiao subway station - an area well-known for the high number of foreigners and its proximity to the ever-popular entertainment district Sanlitun and the shopping area Solana.

With several high-profile hotels such as Westin and Lempinski hotel close by, FX Hotel is an attractive option for most visitors due to its price and location. Accommodations are comfortable and the breakfast, though unremarkable, is great for the not-so-picky traveler. Even if you didn't opt for the breakfast with your room, you can spring for RMB35 once you realize it's a steal, particularly since the area is filled with expensive options catering to the affluent locals and expatriates.


Reviewers will complain that FX Hotel's rooms are deprived of windows, but they should pay attention to the fact that unlike other business hotels, the rooms are well-heated during Beijing's punishing winters. 

Wi-Fi connection was initially confusing. The Wi-Fi service gateway appears to use the now ubiquitous method of SMS authentication, which requires a local mobile number to get an access code. This is common in China and shouldn't surprise visitors. On the other hand, once you input your number, the gateway does not trigger an SMS code, though the gateway page repeatedly opens on your browser. You will, however, get partial access to the Internet with Bing, WeChat and Skype maintaining an access.


A quick phone call to the front desk reveals that FX Hotel, Yansha has done away with SMS authentication and users can connect by inputting the username 8888 and 8888 for the authentication code as of this writing. Take note that you need to select the license agreement check box before you are provided full access to the Wi-Fi service.


The Wi-Fi service appears to have no restrictions on the number of devices you can use. The throughput is surprisingly reliable for a budget (and busy) hotel. Moreover, the Wi-Fi is setup so well that it actually extends to the Lawson convenience store next door. 


FX Hotel posters at the premises indicate that the franchise can be found in a number of locations around the world, though it is the first I've ever encountered an FX Hotel, even in the Middle Kingdom. The room price at Ctrip.com is so good, however, that I wouldn't mind staying in one of their hotels again. Business travelers with extra cash and who prefer niceties such as a gym or swimming pool should look elsewhere though.


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