Adobe and Deadpool

Adobe takes advantage of the popularity of the Marvel character, Deadpool, by using the character's successful movie to promote Premiere Pro and After Effects on their homepage.

I'm personally not a fan of the character, who is a sad reflection of today's shallow, narcissistic and amoral generation. To be fair, the Merc with a Mouth was a fairly one-dimensional but likable villain during his 90s appearances. Unfortunately, after Marvel Comics' bankruptcy, the creators revamped the character and changed him to his current popular incarnation. Money-hungry "writers" decided that success is more important than logic and Wilson was ludicrously paired off with characters such as Captain America and Spider-Man (Wilson had been a stone-cold killer for years prior to Marvel's idiotic editorial fixes to moon off cash from ignorant Millenials).  I have little doubt the movie is entertaining, but Marvel's current comic books, which include Deadpool titles, are a terrible sign of how low the quality of writing has fallen for the once beloved publisher. 

Deadpool actually had a small part in Sabotage (1991), the first and only crossover between the Spider-Man and X-Force books of the 90s. Spider-Man #16 (1991), the second part of the badly written and pointless story, was Todd McFarlane's last issue for the title before leaving Marvel and Spidey permanently to create Spawn. McFarlane was clearly not interested in Rob Liefeld's generic red-clad assassin since all the other characters in the story, including Black Tom and the Juggernaut, appeared in SM#16, while Wilson only showed up in the X-Force issues.


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