YACReader on Ubuntu and Mac OS X El Capitan Part 1

In most mainstream Linux distributions, you don't need a standalone organizer or CBR/CBZ viewer to read digital comic books. Both Evince and Okular support the .cbr and .cbz format out of the box. In addition, file managers such as Dolphin and Thunar display thumbnails of comic book covers without additional software packages. However, it's still useful to have a library manager on your Linux box for editing metadata and in general keeping your compressed scans organised.

YACReader recently had a minor update and binary .deb files are available for Debian and Ubuntu users.


If you're running an LTS version earlier than 14.10, however, you might have issues with the included QT version. Ubuntu 15.10 Wily Werewolf users should add the repository and install YACReader using apt-get rather than attempt to install the .deb file using GDebi, the Ubuntu Store or Synaptic Package Manager to avoid additional dependency issues.


Note: Although YACReader installation files are stored in software.opensuse.org, the developer actually doesn't provide a 1-Click Install file for openSUSE itself. Neither is YACReader available on the openSUSE repositories. Installation steps, however, are provided for Arch Linux users.

YACReader on Ubuntu with the Unity desktop environment works very well, with animated browsing working as smooth as the Mac version. YACReader doesn't have as many advanced features as ComicRack for Windows, but it really doesn't need to since most users today consume their digital comic books on their tablets and smartphones rather than on their laptops.


YACReader is certainly more attractive than MComix, Comic Seer and Gnome Comic browser, though like most Linux viewers, you don't have access to online stores in the application itself.  Finally, if you paid for the YACReader app for iOS, you can enable the server option in the YACReader Library, though I'm not sure how well this works from an Ubuntu desktop. As with earlier versions, YACReader connects to Comic Vine for information regarding your books, though you can edit the metadata manually.



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