Unsolicited Question: HP Stream 8 and Canon LiDE series scanners

Q: Can I use the HP Stream 8 with Canon LiDE scanners?

One of the advantages of having a Windows tablet is that it supports USB hubs, USB OTG adapters and most USB peripherals. On the other hand, products like the HP Stream 8 are crippled by a single micro-USB port and the power limitations of a consumer device.

HP Stream 8 and the Canon LiDE 600F

The pricey HP Stream 8, despite its ample size, isn't a very good productivity tablet. For one thing, the single micro-USB port is notoriously picky with USB OTG adapters. The port has annoying wiggle room that disconnects connected USB peripherals and even using the port with portable external hard drives can be problematic.

Windows 10 makes use of drivers designed for Windows 7/8/8.1 and you can download Canon LiDE drivers from the Canon support site and install them on the HP Stream 8 without problems.

Change the filter to earlier versions of Windows to download Canon LiDE scanners from the Canon support site. Ignore the message indicating no supported drivers for Windows 10.

Although the drivers will install, connecting a flatbed scanner like the Canon LiDE600F directly to a USB OTG adapter and then to the HP Stream 8 will cause the scanner to repeatedly connect and disconnect. The hardware sound indicating a device is detected will repeatedly go off due to the lack of power from the micro USB port until you unplug the scanner from the USB OTG adapter

The Canon scanner will repeatedly appear and disappear from the list of detected printers and scanners in Windows 10 when connected to a USB OTG.

If you really need to use the HP Stream 8 with a flatbed scanner, one workaround is to use a powered USB hub that can be plugged to an external power source.  Even then, this extra accessory added to the device chain between the host device to the client device may cause the scanner to not work properly. 

Note, however, that full-sized USB ports and larger Windows tablets such as the Microsoft Surface Pro should have no issues connecting micro-USB powered peripherals like the Canon LiDE 600F.


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