Quick Review: ASUS ZenPower 10050 mAh Power Bank

There are dozens of manufacturers producing power banks, but ASUS introduced their ZenPower power bank products to complement their well-received Zenfone series of smartphones.

Credit-card size and gold-colored ASUS ZenPower

The ZenPower power banks are marketed for their credit card size and generous 10050 mAh (36Wh) capacity. The power bank is certainly nice to look at and is available in a handful of colors. The gold version is the same tint as the gold-colored iPhone (though the ZenPower is not compatible with Apple products).  In some ASUS markets, the ZenPower is a welcome bonus accessory for Zenfone owners.

Before going out and purchasing one of these aluminum power chargers, Here are a couple of notes for users interested in the ZenPower 10050 mAh:

1. The ZenPower slips easily into your purse or laptop bag . . . and it rightfully should because some airline companies will definitely prevent you from storing a 10050 mAh battery in your check-in luggage. At roughly 215 grams, the ZenPower thankfully isn't as much a dead weight as larger charging products on the market.

2. You can only charge one device at a time.

The ZenPower works with the Lumia 925 and Sony Xperia C3 Dual (one at a time).

3. Curiously, the ZenPower detects connected mobile devices and will start charging, though the manual recommends you press the power button after you connect the target device. You'll more likely use the power button for checking the amount of charge currently available rather than initiating charges itself. The power button triggers the LEDs that indicate charge capacity.

4. The included micro-USB cable is very short to limit attenuation. This design makes it somewhat difficult to charge mobile devices with the power bank standing upright. Moreover, a short USB cable makes it very easy for devices to get disconnected. The power bank works best flat on its back when charging smartphones and tablets to prevent the micro-USB from popping out.

The ZenPower's included USB cable is very short, but using a different cable isn't recommended for obvious reasons.

5. The ZenPower Power Bank automatically shuts off power when the USB cable is disconnected.

6. You can use any well-designed USB power adapter to charge the power bank itself. I charged the ZenPower using the power adapter included with my HP Stream 8 and had no issues getting a full capacity.

Charging the power bank using the HP Stream 8's adapter.

8. Although ASUS and the packaging indicates that the ZenPower is designed for the excellent Zenfone series, I was successfully able to charge the following devices with the power bank:

- HP Stream 8
- Apple iPod Touch 4th generation
- Fitbit Charge HR

Considering that more and more airports, restaurants, airplanes, vehicles and public places offer a generous number of power sockets and charging stations, I find the utility of a power bank questionable and only really useful for users who make use of budget devices or are really, really, really dependent on their mobile devices (which is sadly too common). Still, if you really need a power bank, you can do worst than the ZenPower 10050 mAh Power Bank for giving your vacuous, narcissistic Millenial friend's device a power boost.

The ZenPower quickly charged my MemoPad HD7 with Kodi for Android.


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