Fitbit Charge HR Review for Non-Athletes Part 2

Exercising and daily use

The Charge HR is definitely lighter than a Fossil or Timex watch. Users accustomed to wearing bracelets will have no problems forgetting the Charge HR is on their wrist. I noticed the following while wearing the Charge HR continuously for three weeks:

1. Even if you don't engage in rough activities, scratches and marks will appear on the Charge HR's screen. In my first week of use, my Charge HR gained quite a few scratches despite my treating it with kid gloves. Thankfully, the readability of the screen isn't affected too much.

2. Considering how small the Charge HR is, the screen is extremely bright and can emit a strong glow in a dark room. The heart rate sensor can also illuminate a small area so you can't help but notice it at night if you turned over in your sleep and accidentally glanced at your wrist from an angle.

3. Beware of laundry! I almost forgot to remove the wearable while doing my laundry. Washing hands isn't a problem though.

4. If you're not accustomed to wearing anything on your wrist while typing on a keyboard or laptop, you will have to get used to the Charge HR as you touch type. This is no different from wearing a watch or a bracelet.

5. It's airport security safe! Depending on how strict the security is at the airport you're passing through, the Charge HR doesn't trigger any alarms so you don't have to remove it when you pass through airport security.

6. Follow the care instructions from the website or the PDF manual. Why? Because like most accessories you wear on your wrist, the Charge HR will smell badly of dried up sweat if you don't clean it regularly. Remember, do not immerse the Charge HR.

7. Quick View, a feature that shows you the time on the Charge HR when you turn your wrist, worked only half the time. Perhaps this was due to my girlish and small wrist size. However, its functionality or lack thereof is certainly not a deal-breaker.

8. There is an issue I experienced with Workout mode related to syncing and the timer. When you press and hold the button to trigger Workout mode, a timer begins indicating the duration of your activity. If I have my Sony Xperia C3 Dual close by with the Fitbit app and Bluetooth enabled, automatic syncing interrupts the timer and when I check the Charge HR, Workout mode has already ended even though I'm still at it. The issue doesn't occur if any of my mobile devices are around for automatic syncing (such as when I'm out jogging).

Note: If you experience this issue with your Charge HR and you're using the Windows Phone version of the Fitbit app, you can try disabling the All-Day Sync option from the Settings and just manually sync the Charge HR to your mobile device or PC after your workout session.


The WP8.1 version of the Fitbit app has an option to disable All-Day Sync.


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