ASUS tablets and laptops at HKIA

The "In Search of Incredible" marketing slogan of ASUS has been around for a long, long time now, but it's still what you'll encounter if you visit the immense terminals of Hong Kong International Airport. The somewhat more recent Zenpads and entry-level UX laptops are on display if you visit two of the three main wings in the departure area.

The ASUS marketing team working at Hong Kong should find the time to replace the Zenpad demo models, which have seen quite a bit of abuse from passers-by. More importantly, they should throw out 8.1 on the Windows Thin-and-Lights and replace them with the newer Taichi or Zenbook series of laptops running Windows 10.

Surprisingly, there were plenty of travelers milling around and fiddling with the Windows 8.1-powered laptops. The long-running ASUS marketing campaign seems to be more successful than Microsoft's similar attempt with their Surface devices at Shanghai Hongqiao airport. The attraction to the ASUS devices on display, however, is more likely due to the novelty of actually touching a keyboard on a laptop, rather than using a touchscreen on a smartphone or tablet. Frequent fliers, disgruntled with having to pull out their laptops in security and seduced by the weight of tablets, have been leaving their more powerful ultrabooks at home. 


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