What CBR or CBZ viewer do you use? (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows 10) Part 1

Both Marvel, Dark Horse and DC have their own official comic book apps. In addition, there are half a dozen apps that are directly connected to their service. However, if you created your own .cbr or .cbz files or downloaded freely available digital books that use the format, you're probably using an independently developed app.
As with old-school desktop document viewers, functionality of CBR/CBZ viewers vary. File support and stability are the minimum requirements for a viewer, although more sophisticated users demand additional features such as the ability to connect to WebDAV, NFS, Samba shares and online storage.

Do not piss off Spidey! Peter pummels the demi-god D'Spayre into so much jelly in Marvel Team-Up #68 (1978).

The following list isn't the most attractive nor the most functional digital comic book viewers available. However, they're perfectly fine for casual reading. If you're not fond of mining app stores and installing and reinstalling apps, these apps are more than adequate for getting your 70s-80s comic book fix.

*All CBRs from the author's scanned collection.

Bookman (iOS)

I was fortunate enough to snatch Bookman Lite when it was still free years ago. Today, the app's Pro version costs a few bucks though the app is certainly worth it. Bookman is the most attractive among the apps listed here. Perhaps it's because of Bookman's well-developed iOS integration, but the app performs very well on an old iPad 2 despite more than fifty files loaded onto the device's 16GB internal memory. One downside users might not like, however, is its dependency on iTunes to transfer files. Otherwise, it's reliable and a great choice on an iOS device.

Bookman Lite displaying Marvel Team-Up #55 (1977). Although they made an unlikely duo, Spidey and Jim Starlin's Adam Warlock made an excellent and entertaining pair. The cosmic Warlock in later stories would consider the earth-bound Peter Parker one of the greatest of Earth's 'warriors'.

Perfect Viewer (Android)

Perfect Viewer has the most features on the apps on this list. It has everything from interface customization to sharing options. Casual readers probably will use very few of the options available, but Perfect Viewer is such a well-designed app that I recommend it over other viewers in Google Play. Like Bookman, Perfect Viewer has no issues aggregating and close to a hundred files stored on the external microSD card on your smartphone.

Perfect Viewer occasionally crashes on my Sony Xperia C3 Dual with Android 5.x, but I attribute the issue more on the 8GB internal memory of the device rather than the app itself. On an older ASUS MemoPad HD7 with Android 4.2.x, Perfect Viewer doesn't crash at all and was able to index files from a 64GB microSD card.

Perfect Viewer displaying Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man #115 (1986) guest-starring Doctor Strange. Peter David, creator of Spider-Man 2099, had a brief but controversial run on Spectacular Spider-Man in the 80s. The much-applauded 1985 Jean DeWolff storyline (Spectacular Spider-Man #107-110) was a fluke, with subsequent issues written by the celebrated Incredible Hulk writer deemed non-canon by Spidey fans, Marvel editors and other Spidey writers of the era due to continuity issues and terrible self-indulgent writing (particularly his stories involving the Black Cat). David would be removed from the book after writing an unremarkable and surprisingly inane wrap-up to the Sin-Eater storyline.


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