ASUS DSL-N55U_C1 Samba Sharing in Practice Part 3

Continued from ASUS DSL-N55U_C1 Samba Sharing in Practice Part 2

Access the Samba Share using Metro File Manager for Windows Phone 8.1

The following steps were performed with the Metro File Manager app installed on a Lumia 925:

1. Tap the Options button (...) and then folders+accounts.

2. Tap Add a folder or account > Network Share.
3. Input the IP address of the router.

Note: Metro File Manager automatically recognizes the Samba protocol so you can input the path \\ directly.

4. Select This share requires authentication and then input the Samba User and Password.
5. Tap Connect.

6. The network share is added to the main page. Tap the new share to navigate the Samba shares.

Note: The ASUS DSL-N55U_C1 enables UPnP media streaming by default. If you don't need to share files over Samba, you can access media files on the connected external storage by running the Smart Player app for Windows Phone, which can access media shared over DLNA.


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