Unsolicited Question: Sony Xperia C3 Dual 8GB and Android 5.1.x/6

Q: Can the Sony Xperia C3 Dual with Android 5.1.x handle daily usage with only 8GB?

You can probably still find a Sony Xperia C3 somewhere - it's one of the cheaper Sony Xperia devices available and has a large screen and Sony's build quality. The C3 is a good deal if you don't want to pay for the newer Xperia C4 and C5. On the other hand, the C3 was roundly criticized for having only 8GB of internal memory. The C4 and C5 corrected this issue and come with 16GB and support for 200GB microSDs.

The 8GB on the Xperia C3 is certainly limiting, but it's usable if you're vigilant about storage. If you pop in a 32GB micro SD card and set Android to install apps on the external storage, you can go a long way with the 8GB even with Android 5.1.x. Unfortunately, if you like installing a lot of apps on your Android device and rarely clear your apps' cache, then you're better off with the C4, C5 or other mid-range smartphones. Even if you're not a fan of Android 5.1.x, Lollipop works well enough on C3's modest hardware. Take note, however, that the C3 isn't a premium device unlike the Sony Xperia Z series so don't expect it to perform as well as the Z5 or Z6.

I primarily use my Xperia C3 Dual for typical smartphone tasks such as making calls, sending SMS, marking my calendar, browsing the Internet on the go, checking WeChat and emails, reading digital comic books and viewing ebooks and PDFs. 8GB of internal memory prevents you from installing too many apps and even if you were able to install a glut of your favorite Google Play apps on the C3, they would have problems launching or working with so little internal memory to work with. I have given up on OneNote for Android on the C3 and prefer to take photos using my Lumia 925 (which arguably has the better camera anyway).

Even with roughly 1.5GB of available space, my C3 does behave oddly at times, particularly when I reopen Perfect Viewer to go back to a CBZ I was previously reading. Perfect Viewer would crash due to caching but can be relaunched without problems. The C3 also struggles with indexing files when accessing a DLNA server using the preinstalled Album, Video and Music Sony apps.
Perfect Viewer works fine on the Sony Xperia C3. Spidey kicks the snot out of Marvel's dumbest and most overrated character Punisher in Amazing Spider-Man #129 (1974). Suck it idiotic gun lovers! 

Surprisingly, however, the C3 Dual outperforms the newer and arguably more powerful HP Stream 8 when playing videos using VLC for Android, which isn't a very forgiving app. The HP Stream 8 occasionally pauses midway through a video, while VLC on the C3 has no such issues recalling where you left off.
The C3's screen and performance is more than enough for watching videos using VLC for Android. Doesn't the Green Goblin look like that Jenner dude in episode 19 of Spider-Man (1967)?

There is little doubt that Android 6.x will claim even more user space from the C3's conservative internal memory, unless Google and Sony decide to cut down on the release version for Xperia devices. Despite its small internal memory, however, the C3 is a pretty good device to keep around if you're not a power user. The Lumia 925 has the same problem as the C3 albeit in a different way - it has no microSD slot to supplement its 16GB of internal memory. Once Windows Mobile 10 arrives, Lumia 925 users will feel the pinch in terms of user storage. In comparison, the C3 has half the internal memory of the Lumia 925 but has a microSD slot that can support up to 64GB. Both mid-range devices are hampered by the lack of internal storage but the Lumia 925 will more likely suffer more with the upcoming mobile OS upgrade than the C3.


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