Unsolicited Question: Can you access Tumblr in China?

Considering the amount of porn, controversial posts, idiotic obsessions, poor behavior and just plain evil in Tumblr, the mainstream microblogging site is accessible in China.
For some odd reason, Facebook is blocked by the Great Firewall but not the regularly misused Yahoo service. You can visit Tumblr pages while staying in the Middle Kingdom and even access your Dashboard to make posts.
The Tumblr Dashboard accessed using a China IP address.
There is a small issue with Tumblr in China though. The registration process actually connects to Google when undergoing the authentication and validation process. If you've already signed up while living in a different country, then you shouldn't have problems maintaining your account. However, new users might need to use a VPN service or sign up during a visit to Hong Kong if they're working in the Middle Kingdom and decided to open a Tumblr account.
The CAPTCHA and image validation process stalls due to network restrictions.


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