Tumblr and Tumblr apps (WP8.1, iOS, Android and Windows 10) Part 3‏

Continued from Tumblr and Tumblr apps (WP8.1, iOS, Android and Windows 10) Part 2

Tumblr app for iOS9

As expected, the iOS version of the Tumblr app not only works, but integration with Tumblr on iOS is practically seamless. I was able to share content from all the apps I had on my iPad 2 except (surprisingly) the Yahoo app.  The Tumblr app, however, would make more sense on an iPhone than my large, dated tablet.

I tested Tumblr sharing from the following apps:

1. CNN
2. News360
3. BBC
4. Photos
5. The Guardian
6. OneNote
7. Notepad
8. Yahoo
10. TechCrunch


It's embarrassing but the Yahoo app is the only iOS app that failed to work with the Tumblr app. Considering that Yahoo is the parent company of Tumblr, that says a lot about how far Yahoo has fallen.

All of the other apps did their job well, though as usual your Wi-Fi connection determines how fast media is uploaded to the Tumblr server. The experience with Tumblr on iOS is very good and iOS fans enjoy a hassle-free experience.


Tumblr Habits

Maintaining a Tumblr blog isn't as effortless as contributing to Reddit, Twitter or even Facebook but the service certainly does all it can to make the microblogging platform user-friendly. If I didn't spend so much time on Unsolicited But Offered or if I didn't have a day job, I'd probably enjoy keeping up with regular posts to Tumblr using my Lumia 925, iPad 2, HP Stream 8 and Sony Xperia Dual C3. As it is, however, Tumblr's fun but maybe not just for me quite yet.



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