Tumblr and Tumblr apps (WP8.1, iOS, Android and Windows 10) Part 2

The Tumblr app for Android 5.x has almost all the settings found on Tumblr.com save for the Mass edit feature, which provides controls for deleting posts and managing tags. You can access your Tumblr blog homepage directly from the app by tapping your avatar, customize blog appearance, change settings and view how unpopular your posts are. The Tumblr app for Android 5.x is one of those apps that pretty much mirrors everything you can do on the main service site.
You can argue that if the app provides no clear difference from using Firefox or Chrome for Android, then what's the point of using the app? App developers will immediately tell you it's all about the browser - the app ensures consistent user experience compared with possible rendering issues with mobile browsers.

Since the Tumblr app works in the same way as the Tumblr Dashboard, I focused on on how well Android supported sharing to Tumblr from different apps. This, of course, involved both the app design, the Tumblr app and Android itself - if issues with sharing occurred, it wasn't always the Tumblr app's fault.

I tested sharing to Tumblr using the following apps installed on my Sony Xperia C3 Dual:

1. Perfect Viewer comic book reader
2. Amazon Kindle
3. AccuWeather
4. USA Today
5. News Republic
6. Kobo Books via the Picture quote option
7. Socialife by Sony
8. Album app by Sony

Among all the apps I tested for sharing to Tumblr, only Perfect Viewer had minor issues caused by the size of the comic book page I wanted to share.

AccuWeather's output was the most disappointing - sharing to Tumblr just provided a screen capture of the app, which embarrassingly included ads. USA Today, News Republic and Socialife all posted links and bits of text and didn't tack any images.
Sharing from the Amazon Kindle app was very Jeff Bezos - the app connected to Amazon's database, provided a link to the book and added preset text indicating how interesting the Amazon book was.

The Kobo app had the most creative approach. After selecting text and tapping the share button, you had the option of sharing a Picture quote or just the highlighted text along with book, author and Kobo credits.

If I was an enthusiastic microblogger, I would probably be using the Tumblr app for Android a lot, which matched Tumblr's integration in iOS.

Tumblr for Windows Phone 8.1

For various reasons, the Tumblr app for Windows Phone 8.1 stands out from the iOS, Android and even the Tumblr website. From a user perspective, Tumblr on WP8.1 is actually good. It's the only Tumblr app version that provides a list of queued posts. It does lack some of the settings you would find on the Tumblr Dashboard but the queue screen alone is compelling enough to install the app, especially if you publish posts several times a day.

In addition, the Windows Phone version of the Tumblr app lets you set your Tumblr images from your Dashboard as a lock screen.

On the other hand, Tumblr doesn't integrate with other WP apps at all. If you try to share from any of the Windows Phone apps from your smartphone, you won't get Tumblr as an option.
I tried sharing links and posts from the following apps on my Lumia 925 but failed:

1. Photos
2. News360
3. NBC News
4. MSN News
5. XBOX Music
6. OneNote

This limitation pretty much cripples Tumblr on Windows Phone. The workaround to share links from a news app in WP is to tap the Share button and then select Messaging. Copy the link and add the link to the Tumblr app.
The low ratings for the Tumblr app in Microsoft Store is understandable but using the official WP Tumblr app is still a bit better than using Internet Explorer for Windows Phone on a Lumia.


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