Old Star Wars Comic Book Ads Part 2

Continued from Old Star Wars Comic Book Ads Part 1 


Return of the Jedi, despite negative comparisons to Empire Strikes Back, was still very successful and spawned dozens of types of merchandise after its release, including model kits from MPC.


Star Wars action figures outlasted the popularity of action figures from The Real Ghostbusters animated show, He-Man, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Batman the Animated Series.


I'm not sure how popular the official Star Wars Fan Club was but I preferred the old Marvel club FOOM (Friends of Marvel) back when Marvel still published good stories and idiotic characters like Deadpool and Ultimate Spider-Bullshit weren't around.


Marvel Comics published Star Wars books back in the day but they were boring and had terrible artwork - just like Marvel's current Star Wars books, which are written by inept and incredibly unimaginative and shallow writers.


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