Unsolicited Product Summaries for Black Friday Part 2

 Continued from Unsolicited Product Summaries for Black Friday Part 1

Not Recommended - Avoid

1. Jabra Play - Jabra has removed the Play from their product page with good reason. The cheap design and lack of durability makes it a bad choice even if you find it on shelves at a low price. Bluetooth pairing was troublesome and mine died in less than a year.


2. HP Stream 8 - HP should make a public apology about releasing the HP Stream 8. It's an embarrassing product riddled with power, firmware, battery and user design issues. The touch screen is the worst I've seen since LG phones back in 2007. If I've learned anything from purchasing the HP Stream 8, it's to avoid buying a Windows tablet with a small screen, less than 64GB of internal storage and less than 2GB of RAM. The HP Stream 8 is so bad, it made me renew my vow to never again buy an HP product.
Unsolicited Alternative: Dell Venue 10 Pro 5055 (64GB) or the Surface 3

 Personal Wishlist

1. Western Digital My Cloud 3TB

If you own several tablets, smartphones or PCs and regularly exchange or access data between devices, setting up your own storage cloud service is incredibly useful. Even if you are a novice Linux user, you can easily set up your own DLNA, file, backup or media server using any combination of software packages such as Kodi, Rygel, miniDLNA, OwnCloud or BitTorrent Sync. However, if you aren't interested in DIY or just want an easy personal NAS for your archived files and media, then the Western Digital My Cloud is a recommended out-of-the box solution. If your external desktop hard drives are running low on storage, you can hit two birds with one stone with the 3TB My Cloud model.

As an added bonus, Western Digital throws in file access outside your home network through their own cloud service, which means as long as your My Cloud is powered on and connected to the Internet, you can access your files anywhere. With an Ethernet port, USB 3.0 connectors and free apps, the My Cloud is a quick way to extend your storage and stream content without getting your hands dirty.

2. iPod Touch 6th Generation (32GB)
A bunch of ignorant, so-called "tech journalists" made jokes about the 6th-generation iPod Touch when it was released. They wrote "Apple still made these?" in their headlines and lead-in paragraphs to get hits on their pathetic and uninformed articles. I'm not a blind Apple worshiper but I would gladly testify that the iPod Touch is an excellent product. The iPhone, contrary to psalms and hymns from the Apple obsessed, is NOT for everyone. The iPod Touch has all the necessary power and functionality for users who still need access to the Apple ecosystem - at a much, much less price than the iPhone. I've had my 4th-generation iPod Touch for more than four years and although the screen is cracked and it can hardly hold power for more than two days after years of use and abuse, it's still one of the best products I've ever had.

My 4th-gen iPod has survived years of adventures.


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