Tested: Sony Xperia DLNA with VLC and Windows Media Player (Windows 10)

All Sony Xperia devices support DLNA natively whether your device is running KitKat or Lollipop. Although versions of VLC and Windows Media Player in Windows 8.1 had issues accessing a Sony Xperia media server, the problem has largely been ironed out recently possibly due to updates on either Windows 10 or Android 5.1.1.
Note: Before attempting to access a DLNA server, make sure that your Windows 10 PC has Network Discovery, File and printer sharing and Media streaming enabled from the old Network and Sharing Center. HomeGroup, which is retained in Windows 10, is not necessary to access an Xperia media server.
To enable the media server on a Sony Xperia device:
1. Connect to the same wireless network as your Windows 10 PC.

2. Tap Settings > Xperia Connectivity > Media server settings > Share media.
Note: If needed, change the server name or click the Options button to select which type of media files are shared from your Sony Xperia device. If you want to copy files from your Windows PC to the Xperia, enable Upload to Xperia.
3. When you launch either VLC or Windows Media Player, a window prompts you for an access level for the Windows PC. Select Always allow. The Windows PC is then listed as a registered device.
Xperia media server and WMP12 in Windows 10
Windows Media Player has repeatedly been criticized over the last decade or so and it's clear Microsoft has stopped development for the long-running media player. Groove Music and the Movies & TV app have largely replaced WMP and are closely tied to the Microsoft Store. On the other hand, Groove Music and Movies & TV don't have the features Windows Media Player natively supports including media streaming over a network.
Note: In line with Microsoft's direction for supporting competing mobile operating systems, Groove Music and Movies & TV support Chromecast but surprisingly not DLNA. Moreover, both apps are not very good at supporting Windows' file sharing and network access functionality.
To access media on the Sony Xperia device in Windows Media Player 12:
1. In the Windows Media Player 12 Library view, the Xperia server name is listed on the left panel. You can click the Xperia name once it is displayed but it takes a long time before Windows is able to list and index all the media files on your Xperia device.
2. Click images, videos and music to play or display on your Windows PC.
3. If you enabled the Upload to Xperia option, click the Sync tab and drag files from File Explorer to create a playlist. You can click Next device to upload files to the Xperia's mico SD storage rather than the internal memory. Click Start sync to copy files to the Sony Xperia.
Note: Files synced using WMP12 can be played using Sony's Music, Album and Video apps.
Xperia media server and VLC in Windows 10
As popular and as full-featured as VLC is on any platform, support for UPnP and DLNA has historically been unstable. Perhaps it is due to recent Windows updates, but VLC is now able to easily access an Xperia media server without problems.
Note: As recent as a few months ago, I had never been able to access my Xperia device using VLC whether I was on Linux (Debian 8 Jessie and Fedora 22) or Windows 8.1/10 so I was pleasantly surprised when VLC easily connected to the Sony Xperia C3 and was not only able to play movies but also stream photos, which VLC had previously refused to do with JPEGs. The version of VLC used in this article is 2.2.1.
To access media on the Sony Xperia device in VLC:
1. In VLC, click View > Playlist.
2. Click Local Network > Universal Plug'N'Play devices on the left panel. Click the Xperia device name once it is displayed. Wait until VLC is able to display all the directories and files shared from the Xperia device.
Note: VLC takes longer to scan the shared directories than Windows Media Player so it can be a long wait before you can start accessing media on the Xperia device. On the other hand, images, movies and music play flawlessly in VLC unlike before when VLC would either crash or display errors regarding rendering JPEGs.
Yup, Keiko Kitagawa is my girlfriend (cough).
3. Click a file to playback. Note that VLC continuously and randomly streams photos, movies and audio from the Xperia folders if you toggled the shuffle and repeat controls.


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