Quick Fix: Logitech K480 not powering on

If you haven't used your Logitech K480 Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard, you might find yourself wondering why the Windows, iOS and Android compatible Bluetooth keyboard won't power on even after you replace the batteries (or even while using perfectly good pair of AAA batteries).

I had initially thought that my one year-old accessory had prematurely died after the device's LED light refused to light up after a few weeks without use. I assumed the batteries were worn out and replaced them with new ones, but the keyboard's indicator still did not light up after inserting fresh ones. My iPad 2, HP Stream 8  and my  Xperia C3 Dual didn't detect any Bluetooth connection either.

To resolve this issue, leave the Logitech K480 powered on with the fresh batteries inserted. After a few hours, the LED light will start blinking and the keyboard will function like normal.


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