Tech on TV: Gotham (2014) Season 1 Part 2

Continued from Tech on TV: Gotham (2014) Season 1 Part 1 


"Don't take away my flip phone!"

Gotham (2014) even reused an old mobile phone as a trigger for an explosive. It's a rather sad way of recycling Nokia phones.
Part of the reason there's a drop of viewership for Gotham (2014) is arguably because younger viewers couldn't handle the lack of tech and the lack of smartphones and apps in the show. They understand Game of Thrones because it's set in a fictional medieval land where everything is primitive, which fits their idea of a period show. Gotham, on the other hand, sticks to revolvers, rubber boots, a slow narrative, a slow boiling plot and old-fashioned fistfights without laughable Hollywood martial arts (Arrow and Agents of Shield cough...).
Ben McKenzie owns the James Gordon role - and a flip phone.
Personally, the charm of both Constantine (2014) and Gotham is the absence of technology, though Constantine lingered too much with alternate digital realities in one episode. It's nice to see a Windows Phone or Surface Pro in Arrow, but it's even better to have good writing and believable characters.
Dewey Decimal System rules. Of course, the Internet rules too.
Edward uses an old-fashioned notebook. No tablets. No styli. No iPads.

Hopefully, Gotham sticks to low-tech and not end up like a show that tries too hard like The Flash.

Postscript: Batman as a character is definitely cool and all that but he really is overrated. I'm not a fan of Bruce Wayne but did admire Chuck Dixon and Neal Adams' interpretation of the character. The modern version of the caped crusader by Snyder and Morrison, however, is inconsistent, boring and unimpressive. To be fair, the Batman has retained his appeal in the last two decades unlike characters such as Spider-Man and members of the X-Men, who have constantly been urinated on by ignorant degenerate writers at Marvel. Guys like me wish someone would write the names of recent Spidey and X-Men writers in some Death Note.


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