CorelDraw Graphics Suite Basics: Reusing scanned illustrations Part 1

Repurposing illustrations from scanned images is easy with CorelDraw and Corel Photo-Paint. Although scanned images cannot always be converted cleanly to vector images using CorelTrace, you can still edit the resulting vector image using CorelDraw's tools or draw a completely new image using the converted bitmap as a guide.
The steps in this article apply to CorelDraw Graphics Suite X5 but similar options are available to later versions of CorelDraw and Corel Photo-Paint. This tutorial uses a scanned image of the instruction manual of the Phantom Striker from the 1987 series of toys based on the television show Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future (1987).
1. Open the scanned image in Corel Photo-Paint. Select the Crop Tool, click, drag and double-click to crop the image.

2. Click Image > Rotate if needed.

3. Click Image > Convert to Black and White (1 Bit). Select Line Art from the Conversion Method. Adjust the Threshold to preserve as much detail from the scanned illustration. Click OK.

Note: For scanned images that are from old or yellowed documents, adjust the Threshold to an amount that results in a clean image with enough detail but without black marks resulting from the original scan.
4. Select the Eraser tool and remove areas of the image that you won't be needing. To resize the Eraser tool, hold down the Shift key and drag.
Don't worry about losing small portions of the illustration as you use the Eraser tool. Since it will be converted to a vector image, you can easily add additional detail later.
5. Save the image to a lossless file format or to Corel's native .cpt, which can be imported directly into CorelDraw.
4. Launch CorelDraw and click File > New > OK to create a drawing board.

5. Click File > Import and select the .cpt file. Press Enter to import the image to the center of the page.

6. Click Bitmaps > Outline Trace > Line art.

7. In the PowerTRACE window, select Remove color from entire image.

8. Adjust the Detail, Smoothing, Corner smoothness and Smoothing sliders. If needed, select the option to Delete original image.

Note: A scanned illustration can never be converted to a perfect vector image. Depending on how you will be reusing the image, adjust the Corner smoothness and Smoothing so that the lines are straight and the output retains the characteristics of the original.
9. Click File > Save before you begin editing the nodes.


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