Tech Hearsay: On Java NetBeans and Eclipse

A gentleman a few years older than me recently cornered me at the break room and introduced himself. He was a veteran developer who had worked on an online music service in China. After a brief chat about food, I asked him the traditional questions you ask developers and programmers, plus my own inquiry about his choice of Linux distribution (none, but he used Ubuntu at home).

The developer explained he was proficient with Java but preferred C++. When I asked him his opinion of NetBeans and Eclipse, he suggested that both were limited and lacked features found in newer IDEs, which was curious since UltraEdit was preinstalled in most of the workstations at their office. Even if he had specified which features were absent from the two popular tools, I probably wouldn't have understood anyway considering my Japanese and French were better than my coding.

As a non-developer, I resolved to try out NetBeans and Eclipse for Java and Javascript respectively to understand what he meant. Of course, I'd be installing the applications in Debian 8 Jessie and Fedora 22 workstation, however, alongside Light Table.


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