Quick Fix: iPad 2 / iPod Touch 4th Gen No audio from speakers

The iPad 2 and iPod Touch 4th-generation are pretty old hardware but they're resilient devices that helped cement Apple's reputation for building hardy products. The wide 30-pin Apple proprietary dock connector, which was replaced by the smaller Lightning connector in newer devices, however, had its share of issues. Apple users reported audio problems with both devices, which may or may not be associated with the original speaker design and the somewhat exposed connector.

One issue regularly reported in Apple's forums is the sudden absence of audio from the external speakers of either the iPod Touch or iPad. Connecting a standard pair of earphones or headset worked, but audio couldn't be heard without an external output accessory.


The basic troubleshooting is fairly straightforward in most cases:

1. Check if the device is on mute or adjust the volume levels.

2. If it's an iPad 2, check that the orientation lock is set to toggle mute. Switch to mute or vice versa.

3. Some users have also reported successfully regaining audio from the external speakers by rebooting the device or performing a hard reset (volume down and power button). 

I was recently caught in a sudden tropical downpour in southern Guangzhou and although my satchel absorbed most of the pounding rain, my iPad 2 and iPod Touch were inside my bag. Both of them were hardly touched by the raindrops thanks to the portfolio cover of the iPad 2. However, on reaching the hotel, I found out that both devices did not emit audio through the speakers although using earphones or a headset worked fine.


The issue was resolved by pointing a hair dryer to both the connector and speakers on the iPad 2 and iPod Touch at the lowest setting. Since the 4-year old iPod Touch had a cracked screen and may have succumbed to more moisture than the 3-year old iPad 2, I plugged the Touch to a power charger, which increased the operating temperature of the device. I powered down both devices overnight to give them time to completely dry.


The next day, both devices worked as usual and convinced me that I'm definitely including an iPod Touch 6th generation on my Christmas wish list this year.  


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