Home Page Facelift

When the Fedora Linux project switched to and updated their website to feature the three types of Fedora 22 releases (Workstation, Server and Cloud), I eagerly waited for the openSUSE team to update the home page.

The updated home page took awhile but the outcome is a very clean, straightforward, professional user experience for visitors looking for Tumbleweed, the latest openSUSE release, OBS and other tools related to the lizard distribution.


I'm often very happy with very plain websites and I'm rarely impressed with current web designers' penchant for flashy web pages and arts-fartsy images. However, the HTML5 text and navigation effects for were generally tolerable even for old-fashioned users like myself. At the same time, I'm aware that shiny and dynamic web pages are more attractive to the younger, more attention-addled crowd of would-be Linux users.


Surprisingly, the Leap page with the Install openSUSE link still opens up the old download page, which somewhat mars the new experience. Still, the home page update is more than welcome since it not only highlights Tumbleweed (which doesn't get enough attention) and Leap/openSUSE 13.2 (still my favorite KDE-based Linux distribution) but also YaST and Kiwi.

OpenSUSE 13.2 KDE is a solid release and works well with Windows 10, Debian 8 Jessie or Fedora machines on your home network. It's easy to recommend the distribution to anyone ready to move on from their current choice of distro.   


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