Unsolicited Question: Bamboo Stylus and Kobo Glo

Q: Will the Bamboo Stylus Solo work on the Kobo Glo?

The Kobo Glo is an excellent ebook reader but the touch screen, as with most e-ink devices, can be less than ideal for highlighting and making notes, especially if you're using your finger. 

The Bamboo Stylus Solo is an entry-level stylus for touch screen devices. It has a rounded rubber point and works well with large devices such as the iPad 2 and smaller smartphones such as the Sony Xperia Z. The Stylus Solo can also be used with the Kobo Glo and is great for selecting text for highlighting or adding notes.


To select text on the Kobo Glo, place the stylus on a word and press gently, then drag across text you want to highlight. When you lift the pen, options will appear for highlighting and adding a note.   


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