ASUS USB3.1 drivers and USB Type-C motherboards

If I still built desktops and servers for my own network rather than using tablets, online services and low-powered hardware with Linux, I'd love to try out the new ASUS motherboards that support USB 3.1 and include a USB Type-C port. I'm pretty sure hobbyists and enthusiasts will soon be building high-powered systems with the recently released ASUS drivers and motherboards.  Even those who already own high-end ASUS motherboards (Z-series) can start using USB 3.1 by updating their BIOS and downloading 3.1 drivers (which would be interesting on a Windows 10 machine).

Working with motherboards, old or new, can be pretty fun.
For Millenials who have no clue building machines and are addicted to smartphones, Android tablets, Chromebooks (vomit) and 2-in-1s, they're really missing out. As much as I adore Raspberry Pi and Arduino boards, there's something about really hardcore, pricey, fully-kitted motherboards.


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