Hotel Wi-Fi Review: Crowne Plaza Beijing Zhongguancun

Crowne Plaza Beijing Zhongguancun is a swanky business hotel by IHG in the middle of Zhongguancun, Beijing. It's a full service hotel with excellent in-house dining options, a 23-meter swimming pool, a small gym and sauna along with a full open area Wi-Fi signal blanketing the whole building.

You can easily identify a business hotel by the use of a solid office table in even their most basic room. Sharp-eyed and technically competent users will quickly notice the coiled Ethernet cable generously provided by the hotel. Casual visitors, on the other hand, will be more than satisfied by the Wi-Fi signal in their rooms, which isn't hobbled by the typical login screen involving your room number.

Surprisingly, Crowne Plaza Beijing uses DOCOMO interTouch as their Internet Service Provider. DOCOMO is a Japanese telecommunications company which almost has a monopoly of wireless services in mainland Japan (though I encountered their service even in far flung Okinawa).

Note: Windows Phone 8.1, iOS and Android will all retain connection information and reconnect after your first login.


Apart from the excellent breakfast and spacious locker room complete with a primping area, one thing that stood out during my visit was the atypically helpful Chinese hotel staff. An Apple Watch wearing North Carolina native and I both observed this and exchanged glances when a room service staff member thanked us after sharing a short hotel ride down a floor. My female companion at the hotel, who had sensitive skin, asked for additional air-conditioning, new sheets and a bottle of mosquito repellant (as well as a wine bottle opener) during our stay . All of this was provided to her with minimum delay and a huge smile from the staff. As with good business and 5-star hotels in Beijing, English was generally not a problem.


Crowne Plaza Beijing Zhongguancun is a stone's throw away from the electronics shopping area which Zhongguancun is known for. Moreover, it's 2 or 3 stations away from Wudaoku, which is known for its population of clueless, smug and wealthy foreign students trying to take advantage of Beijing's well-educated and attractive coeds. For those looking for more touristy attractions, the business hotel is also very close to the fabled Summer Palace and Beijing Zoo.



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