Backing up and archiving text files (.txt) using CherryTree

If you've accumulated a lot of text files over the years and wrote snippets of prose, code or notes using text editors, then you probably want to back them up to one searchable location. You can merge text files from the command line of course, but if you want to organize the text separately, then the CherryTree Note-Taking application for Linux can help.

To import text files into nodes in a tree:

1. In CherryTree, click Import > From Folder of Plain Text Files.

2. Navigate to the folder and click Open.

3. Select the node where new nodes for the text files will be created. Click OK.

Note: CherryTree will ignore non-text files in the folder, which means this is a great way to back up text files scattered in a hard drive or location. CherryTree will also retain the folder structure in nodes if the text files are stored in a sub-folder.


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