Verifying mobile data access on an Xperia (Android 5.x)

Although Android 5.x hasn't made it yet to all Xperia users, purchasing one of the recent models will get you Android 5.x along with Sony's own customizations.

This article is a brief overview of checking your mobile data connection with Android 5.x with an Xperia Ultra Z.

Note: As always, your choice of network provider may affect mobile data set up.

To set up and verify your mobile data service on your Xperia device:

1. Tap Settings > More > Mobile Networks > Search networks. Tap the fastest mobile network service on the list.  


2. Depending on your mobile network requirements, you may need to set up additional software for data access. Tap Settings > More > Internet Settings > Accept.


3. Drag down the notification panel and tap Mobile data. Launch Google Chrome and check if you are able to open a web page.



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