Quick Fix: MS Office Click to Run and CPU usage

If you're suddenly experiencing a jump in CPU usage and your mouse exhibits constant activity, check if Microsoft Office Click-to-Run is causing the problem. The recent Office module update is loaded on startup and will trigger CPU usage from idle to 40%-60%, and causes your mouse pointer to show ongoing activity.

To check if Microsoft Office Click-to-run is causing CPU usage and disable the process:

1. In Windows 8.1, click Win+X > Task Manager.

2. On the Processes tab, check for Microsoft Office Click-to-Run and its CPU usage.


3. Right-click Microsoft Office Click-to-Run and click End task.

The mouse pointer should no longer exhibit activity and processor usage should drop to normal usage.

To prevent Microsoft Office Click-to-Run from loading on boot:

1. In Windows 8.1, click Win+X > Task Manager.

2. Click the Services tab, then right-click ClickToRunSvc > Open Services.

3. In the Services Management window, double-click the Microsoft Office ClickToRun Service.


4. On the General tab, select Disabled or Manual as Startup type.

Note: If selecting Disabled prevents you from using Office apps such as OneNote, select Manual.

5. Click Apply > OK.


  1. Works, but disables all my MS office apps. Is there a fix that still allows Office to run?

  2. I can fix the problem by: START-Control Panel- Uninstall a Program-Select Microsoft Office Home and Student 2013- Change - Quick Repair. But, after a reboot, the backround processing alongside the mouse and the 20% CPU usage is back.

  3. I also have that problem

  4. I solved this problem by uninstalling then re-installing MS Office.


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