Unsolicited Question: Can digiKam import images from Windows Phones (Lumia 925)?

DigiKam is a dependable and powerful image management application for KDE and users can expect a stable and impressive user experience even when connecting a Windows Phone like the Lumia 925.  This article discusses using a Lumia 925 and digiKam installed on an openSUSE 13.2 laptop.

To import images from a Windows Phone using digiKam:

1. Unlock your Windows Phone.

2. Launch digiKam.

Note: If you're running openSUSE 13.2 KDE, the notification tray provides you the option to import images using either Gwenview or digiKam.

4. Connect your micro USB cable to your Windows Phone and the other end to your Linux machine.

5. In digiKam, click Import > Cameras > Nokia Nokia Lumia 925 (RM-910) (auto-detected).

Note: Some Linux distributions will have problems detecting or mounting Windows Phones. Check your default file manager if it lists your Windows Phone. If the distribution file manager lists your mobile device, digiKam should have no problems importing files from it. If needed, install PCMANFM or Thunar, both of which are excellent at mounting connected mobile devices.

6. DigiKam will detect the folders of your Windows Phone, including Music and Video folders. Unfortunately, digiKam will not be able to provide a live thumbnail until you import your images.

7. Scroll to the folder and select the images you want to import if it's the first time you are importing images from a Windows Phone device using digiKam. Click Image > Download selected.

Note: The next time you connect your Windows Phone, you can click Image > Download New instead.

8. Select a folder or create a new Album folder if needed. Click OK to begin importing folders.

Note: To avoid any interruptions or problems while importing photos, prevent your Windows Phone from locking the screen.

9. DigiKam displays a notification once import is complete and informs you that it is now safe to disconnect your Windows Phone. Click Device > Close to return to digiKam's main user interface.


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