Quick Fix: Lumia 925 touch screen not working

If you rebooted or powered off your Lumia, say after a long flight, you might find yourself puzzled by suddenly experiencing a non-functioning touch screen. The Volume, Power and Camera buttons work fine but the touch screen and the touch keys, which include the Windows button, don't work. This issue prevents you from powering off the device the normal way because although you can hold down the Power button, you can't tap and slide your finger downwards to complete the power off process.

To resolve this issue, you can perform a reset using the Volume Down and Power/Lock button. Once the device reboots, the touch screen should work like normal. No data is deleted during this process (but always back up your phone's data regularly anyway). This physical method of performing a reset also doesn't revert your system to factory settings (dubbed a "hard reset").

Note: User forums list several ways to execute a reset. One of them involves removing the back cover and briefly interrupting the connection between the wire/contact point to the battery. Although this works, it's not a recommended method since the Lumia 925 wasn't designed to have the user forcefully remove the rear cover. Moreover, you risk damaging the internal parts.

To perform a reset using the physical buttons on a Lumia 925:

1. Press the Power/Lock button once to ensure the screen is locked. Allow the screen to go to sleep.

Note: Having the Lumia 925 asleep makes the reset process easier. If the screen is active, pressing the Volume Down button and the Power button will just lower the volume and trigger the power off animation.

2. Hold down the Volume Down button and press the Power/Lock key at the same time for around 5-10 seconds. The system will reboot and will display the logo of your network provider and then the logo of for Windows Phone.

Take note that your Live tiles and your device's date and time will be affected by this process. Refresh your Live tiles by connecting to the Internet or removing the tile from the Start screen and pinning the app again. To update your date and time, tap Settings > Date+time.



  1. Thank for the guide. I have managed to switch on my phone with utmost ease.

  2. What a relief! It worked! I depend on my phone for everything, including an app with nature sounds which I need to have on for sleeping, as I have quite bad tinnitus. It is so good of you to bother to help in this way.Thank you so much.


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