Mobilegeddon and Blogger

Is Blogger affected by the whole "mobilegeddon" business with Google? Probably not considering that Blogger is essentially a Google product - not a high profile one such as GMail but a Google service nonetheless.

However, if you're concerned your precious Blogger site is losing hits because Google is prioritizing web pages that have mobile compatibility, you can always change the template settings and enable the mobile template option.

To enable a mobile template for your Blogger site:

1. Click Template and under Mobile, click the Settings icon.


2. Select Yes. Show mobile template on mobile devices.

3. Select a mobile template from the list and click Save.


Note: Unsolicited But Offered is hosted on Blogger and has had the Mobile option enabled since its inception. Hits for this site dropped somewhat roughly around the period of "mobilegeddon" but it's more of my flying back to China from Japan. Contrary to popular belief, your location does affect your readership. When I'm in North America, hits jump by several hundred readers and despite being an English site, visits also increased during a brief stay in Japan. However, in the Middle Kingdom, visits to Unsolicited But Offered are sadly stunted severely due to the Great Firewall (among other reasons).


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