Loathe the Selfie Stick

My immense hatred for selfies extends to the selfie stick. I'd rather people walked around carrying tonfa, plastic lightsabers or billy clubs than a selfie stick. The selfie stick is a one-trick pony and can't even double as a weapon for self-defense - an umbrella does a better job. If MacGyver time traveled from the 80s to 2015, he'd be horrified at the utter stupidity of the selfie stick.


MacGyver disapproves. Screenshot from MacGyver: The Complete Series Season 5 (1989)

I can't stop anyone from liking selfies - it's their right as narcissistic denizens of the digital age. However, I'd rather people learned how to use Linux, code or speak a different language than learn how to take a selfie properly.

Every time I see someone using a selfie stick I feel like doing what an enraged Spidey did to Sin-Eater's weapon in Spectacular Spider-Man #110 (1986):

Spidey pummeled ex-SHIELD agent Stan the Sin-Eater until the murderer suffered brain damage (literally) in Spectacular Spider-Man #110 (1986).


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