Unsolicited Question: Does the Logitech Multi-Device K480 keyboard work with Linux?

The excellent Logitech Multi-Device K480 keyboard was designed to support three Bluetooth devices. You can pair the keyboard with Android, iOS, MacOSX, ChromeOS and Windows hardware and switch from one of the three devices to another using a knob on the keyboard.


I was able to successfully pair the Multi-Device keyboard with a Toshiba NB520 running on Ubuntu 14.04 MATE. There were no issues in setting up the Bluetooth connection other than having to skip the passcode step and allow Ubuntu to connect directly to the device.

To set up the Logitech K480 with Ubuntu MATE:

1. Enable Bluetooth from the MATE panel.

2. Select a number from the three listed on the Logitech K480 keyboard.

3. Press and hold the PC connect button on the K380 for three seconds. The light on the keyboard panel will start blinking.

4. Click Keyboard from the Bluetooth notification.

5. On the Bluetooth Assistant, click Forward.
6. Select the Logitech Keyboard K480 from the devices list and click Forward.


7. Select Proceed without pairing and then click Forward.


Note: If you attempt to use either a random passkey or custom passkey, pairing will not succeed.

8. Select Input Service then click Forward.


9. Click Close.


Note: Some of the K380's keys were designed for mobile devices so common key combinations in Linux such as ALT+F2 may not work on your desktop.

Although I haven't tested it, Microsoft's new Universal Mobile Keyboard, which also supports multiple mobile platforms, should also work if you follow the same steps.


  1. this is a great keyboard, however you have to press fn+function key for the function keys to work... looking for a workaround..

  2. found answer! https://github.com/embuc/k480_conf

  3. Just found out, every time you swich the bluetooth to 1,2,3 on the keyboard, you need to re-run the command listed in the link... a bit of a bummer

  4. Thanks for this post - for some reason I didn't even try this, thought authentication was a must... Works like a charm!

  5. Hello, I have the same one K480. I have the same issues as yours. Both of random or custom passkey are failed. It's only success on "without passkey" this to show up-"congratulations, device successfully added". But, my case is still not to work even it shows up successfully.
    I am curious about your setting.
    I don't know github~how to use this?

  6. did you find a way to switch between devices and your linux computer without reconnect every time?


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