Quick Review: Logitech Multi-Device Keyboard K480 Part 2

Continued from Quick Review: Logitech Multi-Device Keyboard K480 Part 1

Pairing with iOS8.1, Android 4.2/4.4 and Windows 7/8.1

Pairing the K480 with iOS, Windows 7/8.1 and Android is fast and easy. I've never found Bluetooth or Logitech reliable in the old days but I have no complaints with their multi-device keyboard after two weeks of regular use.


The K480 paired with an Android 4.4-powered Xperia Ultra Z.

For Android 4.2 users, tap the Search for devices option in the Bluetooth settings screen otherwise the Bluetooth keyboard won't be listed for pairing. The ASUS MemoPad HD7, despite its aging hardware and old Android release worked perfectly with the K480. The K480 also complemented the huge screen of the Android 4.4-powered Sony Xperia Ultra Z.


Click Search for Devices in the Bluetooth settings of your Android 4.2 device to detect the Logitech Keyboard.

Once you've used up all three slots for Bluetooth pairing, switching from one device to the other takes less than a minute. Watch the LED as it blinks. Android 4.2 will provide a notification and iOS8.1 will show an available Bluetooth icon once it's connected.

Windows Phone 8.1 and Ubuntu MATE

Sadly, the K480 doesn't support Windows Phone. Worst, Microsoft's own new Universal Mobile Keyboard, which works pretty much like the Logitech K480, explicitly lists Windows Phone as unsupported as of this writing.

I attempted to pair my Lumia 925 with the K480 and although the pairing process succeeded, WP's limited Bluetooth functionality can't sustain a connection with the keyboard. Considering that the Windows Phone platform doesn't support MHL and USB OTG and sports a poor NFC implementation, this Bluetooth limitation adds another major hurdle for the Lumia brand.


As surprised as I am that Windows Phone wasn't supported, I wasn't surprised I was able to use the PC pairing button to pair with Ubuntu MATE. Since the K480 supports ChromeOS, there's really no reason why the Bluetooth keyboard would have problems with mainstream Linux distributions.


The K480 paired with an Ubuntu MATE-powered Toshiba NB520.

Wake UP and final notes

When using your Bluetooth keyboard, press a few keys after you power on the K480 to get it going. If you don't, the K480 actually won't connect to your tablet, laptop or smartphone even if it was paired in a previous session.

The Logitech Multi-Device Keyboard is a great accessory if you spend a lot of time typing and writing. Although you can easily use a USB OTG adapter and connect a generic USB keyboard for your Android tablet, there's something to be said about the convenience of Bluetooth and the ability to switch to an iOS, Windows or Linux device at will. Logitech has been around for awhile and the toy-like keys may seem odd on first use, but once you get going, you'll realize just how good it is to be using a dedicated keyboard over a touchscreen or laptop keyboard.


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