Quick Fix: Switch to Enlightenment from IceWM after openSUSE 13.2 setup

Enlightenment is included in the list of available desktop environments during the openSUSE 13.2 installation. However, after completing the setup process, you will boot into IceWM instead. Since Enlightenment does not come with a greeter/display manager, install a display manager such as LightDM and set it as default to switch to Enlightenment.

Note: If you had not set up network access during openSUSE's setup process, you can install lightdm using the openSUSE 13.2 DVD.

To install and set up LightDM:

1. In IceWM, launch XTerm and install the lightdm package using zypper:

zypper in lightdm

2. Launch YaST2 as Root and click /etc/sysconfig Editor.


3. Navigate to Desktop > Display manager > DISPLAYMANAGER
4. Input or select lightdm from the list.


5. Click Finish.

6. On the main menu, click Logout or Logout > Reboot.


7. Select Enlightenment from the list of desktop environments.


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