National Day, Wangfujing and Xbox One in Beijing Part 1

China is celebrating its National Holiday so I found myself web-swinging around Chaoyangmen, Jianguomen and Wangfujing with my Sony NEX-3NL a few days ago. There was a cool wind in the air but the sun was out in full force and I enjoyed the exercise while taking photos of the locals.

Wangfujing Avenue is a somewhat more cramped and shorter version of Shanghai's Nanjing road, but it seems more relaxed particularly on that clear day. I'm not much of a photographer but I enjoyed using the NEX-3NL's more than adequate kit lens to take some images for decorating my articles here at Unsolicited But Offered.


Couples were enjoying the weather and trying not to be disturbed by the solitary guy clinging to the wall and taking photos.


This gentleman had the misfortune of crossing my lens just as he swallowed a bitter piece of meat.


Thanks to the shutter speed of my Sony camera, I have several frames of this lady luxuriously picking her nose - I'm afraid it will haunt my hard drive forever.


Mobile devices, if anything, has changed how people manage boredom. Everyone turns to their phone or tablet to keep their eyes and mind occupied. It's a great side-effect of technology but has its downside - people are getting less interested in good weather, good company and good food.


Even though the new iPhone had not yet been released in China by October 1, the Apple Store at Wangfujing was still pretty crowded with both foreigners, locals and mainland tourists buzzing excitedly over the product display.


This old sculpture at Huangchenggen Heritage park is probably supposed to highlight how the Middle Kingdom has changed because of technology. It features an attractive busty lady in a tanktop working at a laptop while a traditional mandarin looks over her shoulder. I felt like smacking the old guy because it seemed more like he was looking down her cleavage. The sculpture of the laptop had been broken off by weather or by vandalism - it now looks like she's holding a Surface Type Cover 2 without the Microsoft Surface.

Continued in National Day, Wangfujing and Xbox One in Beijing Part 1


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