Windows Phone 8.1 Cyan Update on the Lumia 925 Part 3

Continued from Windows Phone 8.1 Cyan Update on the Lumia 925 Part 2

Was there any perceptible performance improvement post-Windows Phone 8.1 update on the Lumia 925? I like to think there was an additional pep when switching between apps but frankly I always think there's some improvement to any system after an update.

After a week with the updated Lumia 925, I only encountered three issues with WP8.1. The first issue resolved itself while the other two are unimportant to me but might prove annoying to others:

1. The Settings screen now includes a Project my screen option for sharing your Lumia 925's screen to a display. There's a warning indicating that the 925 would need a USB cable to share the screen to a TV or flat panel. My attempts on a HP Compaq LA2205wg failed, however, but I hope to test it on other displays.


It's a nice feature if it works and should provide a  better experience for users than the Lumia Beamer app.

2. The Find my phone setting is no longer accessible. Tapping the option flips for a microsecond to the setting and then flips back to the Settings list.

3. I updated the Lumia 925 using a Wi-Fi hotspot I created from Windows 8.1. The update proceeded flawlessly. However, after the second reboot and installation of WP8.1 was complete, the Lumia 925 could no longer connect to the hotspot no matter what I did.

I assumed the updated WLAN Sense was the culprit and recreated the hotspot several times even though my Android and iOS devices had no problems connecting. Three days later a reboot of the Lumia 925 and a newly configured hotspot "solved" the problem.

In the End

Make no mistake, 8.1 on a Lumia 925 is gorgeous and functional.  The Lumia 925 with WP8.1 is a phone anyone can be proud to have inside his pocket. Unfortunately, I'm in the small minority that just uses his phone only for maps, notes, Excel, SMS, photos and calls. I have an inkling that power users (and consumers who like a lot of flash, boom and bling) may prefer a more loaded arsenal of software than a beautiful interface and good camera.



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