openSUSE KDE Basics: Mirroring Display Output

The Display Configuration utility handles mirroring tasks for the openSUSE KDE desktop.

To mirror your laptop's display to an external monitor:

1. Connect the external display to your openSUSE laptop.

2. Launch Display Configuration from Desktop Settings or click ALT+F2 then Display Configuration.

3. Click the check box on the detected display to make it available.

4. Click the resolution icon to display a list of available display resolutions.

5. Select the resolution and refresh rate.

6. Click and drag the primary display over the larger display.

7. Click Apply

Note that if the external display has a larger resolution than your laptop's resolution, the display will adjust accordingly. Use the black band on the display representation on the Display Configuration utility as a guide when adjusting a usable resolution for two devices with different resolutions. The black band represents the bottom of the "screen". 

The screenshot below shows the netbook's 1024x600 display over an external monitor with a resolution setting of 1024x768.



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