Using LibreOffice Draw and Sigil to add an EPUB Cover Part 2

Continued from Using LibreOffice Draw and Sigil to add an EPUB Cover Part 1

Once the cover is finished and exported to SVG you can now add it to the EPUB using Sigil or Calibre. The following steps use an EPUB already formatted and edited using Sigil.

1. With the EPUB opened in Sigil, click File > Add Existing Files...

2. Select your PNG cover image.

3. Click Tools > Add cover...

4. Select your PNG from the list.

5. To validate your EPUB, click F7 or the Validate your EPUB with FlightCrew button on the toolbar.

With your cover added to your EPUB, test the EPUB by uploading it to your device or opening the ebook using an app.
The EPUB as displayed in ASUS' MyLibrary Lite app on a MeMO Pad HD7
The EPUB cover as displayed in the Kobo app for Android and on a Kobo Glo

The EPUB as displayed in the EPUB Reader Plug-in for Mozilla Firefox

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