Microsoft OneDrive Campaign Begins (iOS7, WP8, and Android)

Microsoft has begun the campaign of renaming the SkyDrive online storage service to OneDrive while adding extra storage as an incentive to current and new users. Although I hardly use online storage, I took advantage of the Camera Roll backup offer to get additional storage for my SkyDrive account, which I've had since the service began.

One of the options to claim even more storage from Microsoft through the OneDrive notification e-mail is by spreading the word using social networking services such as LinkedIn (I embarrassingly attempted to take advantage of the offer by emailing contacts in LinkedIn but I have yet to get any response from my limited circle). SkyDrive is especially useful on my Lumia 925 although having the newly named app around on my Windows 7, iOS7, and Android machines makes sharing images and files between devices easier (particularly screenshots for articles such as this). Users of Microsoft's storage service will get an e-mail regarding the rebranding or they can go directly to the OneDrive site.  Step-by-step instructions to get even more storage for your account for free will be displayed once you log in or sign up.


Windows 7 - If you installed the Windows 7/8 desktop application for SkyDrive then the update to OneDrive occurs largely in the background. No user action is required.


iOS7 - The OneDrive app for iOS7 on an iPad is gorgeous and I actually recommend installing the app separately rather than updating from a previously installed SkyDrive app.  


Android - The SkyDrive/OneDrive app for Android is as functional as the iOS version and is a great online storage frontend to have available even if you're tied to Google's or DropBox's services. As long as your settings for Android are configured to receive app updates, the OneDrive app is instantly updated along with a similar prompt to automate Camera backup.


Windows Phone 8 - Open the Microsoft Store app and click Update All or search for SkyDrive to update. Surprisingly, Microsoft hasn't forced the OneDrive update to the Windows Phone 8 platform despite many WP8 apps depending on OneDrive for storage. WP8's OneDrive app is understated compared to the iOS and Android version of the app.


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