Tested Apps and Tips for Windows Phone 8 on a Lumia 925 Part 1

In a previous post, I've discussed the merits of Windows Phone 8 and why I chose the operating system and a Lumia 925 for my business and personal use. There's no reason why a user like me can't use an iPad 2 with iOS7 and a Memo Pad HD7 with Android 4.2 in concert to stay productive. Below is a short list of apps installed on my Lumia 925 as well as some tips on using them.

1. Microsoft Excel (Office Hub) - I've worked with fanatic Excel gurus who look down on anyone who doesn't speak in Pivot Tables. I use very basic spreadsheets at best but recently spent more time launching Excel a lot on my Lumia 925 for my accounting (even on trips to the local 711). I suddenly realized how handy it is to have my own customized budget and tables accessible everywhere I go.

Tip: Freeze a pane or hide a column by long pressing the column cell.

2. Adobe Reader - PDF readers aren't the most sexy apps to have around but having Adobe's flagship free application is handy for referring to PDF ebooks, style guides, and manuals. The Adobe Reader app for Windows Phone is surprisingly as good as the iOS version with searching text, bookmarks, views and annotations all manageable on a Lumia 925's screen.

Tip: You can change view modes to Continuous or Single page.

3. Dictionaries: Advanced English Dictionary (AED), Chinese Dictionary, Ascendo French English Dictionary and Ascendo Spanish English Dictionary - As a foreign language learner, I've already discussed how to set up foreign language input and voice on Windows Phone 8. Another plus to any student (or traveler's arsenal) are foreign language dictionaries. I've used Ascendo French and Spanish dictionaries in my iOS devices so I was glad to have them on my Lumia 925. AED is a pleasant surprise and deserves a look especially for those serious English enthusiasts who love hypernyms and the etymology of words.

Tip: As discussed in a previous article, install the Windows Phone Speech packs to listen to searched words offline.

Continued in Tested Apps and Tips for Windows Phone 8 on a Lumia 925 Part 2


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