Spotted: Microsoft Surface Pro at Pudong International Airport

Ok, I had no intention of sounding like the narrator for Gossip Girl. However, I was surprised at my own reaction at seeing a young lady using a Surface Pro at Terminal 1 of Shanghai's international airport. The Chinese girl was in the restaurant area with the Pro standing at attention in front of her. She was using her Surface Pen and finger with what looked like Photoshop. I was so surprised I didn't have time to whip out my smartphone and take a photo for this article (I would have been escorted by security anyway and tagged a stalker or thief).

Ipad Minis and iPads are awesome and fantastic devices. Visit any airport in any part of the world and you're going to see a local or foreigner toting an Apple device while waiting for their flight. But a Surface Pro? I thought it was great how she was casually using the device. At no point did I see her hackles raised at the Start screen tiles or Windows 8.1's eccentricities. There was absolutely no hesitation as she made use of the touchscreen and pen. In contrast, my poor clumsy arthritic hands still have problems with touch keyboards.

Now, I freely admit to being a proud endorser of Linux, but I'm definitely not a shill for Microsoft. In fact, I'm perfectly happy with my openSUSE netbook and regularly carry around LiveUSBs of Knoppix and Lubuntu in my satchel. However, I've played with the original Surface and Surface Pro and it's on my wishlist in 2016 if it's still around by then (a Macbook Pro is for 2015).

Regardless of how the public perceives Microsoft and their products, I hope I get to sit next to someone with a Surface on a long-haul flight one day. It would be interesting to see how someone would use the device in real life.


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