Quick Fix: KTorrent downloads stalling

Although there's a QT version of lightweight and popular Transmission for KDE desktops, KTorrent is a worthy torrent alternative because of its numerous settings. However, to get the most of KTorrent, users should visit the Settings screen especially if downloads stall or aren't downloading as fast as expected.

To configure KTorrent settings:

1. Click Settings then Configure KTorrent...

2. Click Network on the left panel.

3. For advanced users, click Recommended Settings... to change settings for torrent slots and/or to calculate bandwidth access.

4. Click BitTorrent on the left panel. By default, the setting Use DHT to get additional peers is not selected. select this option if downloads have stopped or have not started. If needed, select Use peer exchange and Use webseeds.

Note: In my own trials, I've never had to change any of the default settings in the BitTorrent area except when I started living in Shanghai, where downloads had trouble starting and speed for torrents with plenty of seeders (e.g. Linux ISOs) would not start or complete.

6. Click Queue Manager on the left panel. Increase the Maximum downloads and Maximum seeds for KTorrent.

7. Click Apply, then OK.

Users can also manage KTorrent download and upload speeds manually by right-clicking KTorrent in the notification tray.


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