Screen protectors and shells: Snake oil or indispensable? Part 2

Continued from Screen protectors and shells: Snake oil or indispensable? Part 1

I can't fault people for spending too much on casings, magnetic covers and stands for their iPad or iPhone though. Apple's popular tablet may or may not need additional protection but it deserves accessories because it's so darned expensive. You can risk not putting a screen protector on a low-end HTC or Samsung device but you can't risk not dressing up the iPad because it's not a device - it's an investment. My 2 year old iPad 2 sports a bubble-infested screen protector and an affordable black stand/folio case for watching iTunesU videos and Linux Action Show. My accessories and my last-generation iPad 2 may not look sexy but at least I don't have to worry about the premium product getting damaged.

Putting on protectors and using a stand

I bought a soft-shell Viken case for my Nokia Lumia 925 because I knew that my bad habits would require that I keep my smartphone protected. The pictures of the case at didn't do the soft-shell justice - I liked the thin but durable shell a lot and adding the nondescript shell didn't detract from the great design of the 925. The phone with the casing feels really good in my hands and although the Lumia 925 isn't exactly a small phone, I often pat my left pocket just to make sure it's still there.

The Viken case came with a screen protector but my unskilled and arthritic fingers couldn't get the screen protector on the Lumia's screen properly. I regret I had to throw the screen protector away (it didn't fit perfectly anyway), but I have to admit if the film dulled the Lumia's fantastic screen then I like the phone naked as it is. I have faith in science and Gorilla Glass 2 though I'm still debating if I should spring for a screen protector. But right now I'm enjoying the Lumia and the Viken soft-shell just fine.

The ASUS Memo Pad HD7 comes with a cheap film over the screen that the user is supposed to peel off. I've read Crying Freeman Volume 1-2, watched a few episodes of Alfred Hitchcock Presents, and browsed through a few Maxim magazine issues with the plastic film on and I have no intention of removing it. The Memo Pad HD7 comes with a plastic stand and since I'll be using the Memo Pad HD7 at home, I'm using that too instead of going out and buying a smart cover. The build is pretty durable and I can put the Memo Pad HD7 in the Sony sleeve when I'm using the Sony PRS-600.


Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are so ubiquitous and affordable people with disposable income instantly buy accessories, screen protectors, shells and covering without a second thought. Having worked with a bunch of hardware manufacturers for several years, I learned that some devices are designed to be used with an accessory while others are manufactured without any thought of needing any additional protection or accessory. It's not a deal breaker for most users but if you're penny-pinching (like me) then it's one more thing to consider before buying a new phone or tablet. Plus, it pays to know if you're the type who washes his hands often or picks his nose while using a touch screen.


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