Rooting and installing Google Play Services on the ASUS Memo Pad HD7 Part 2

Continued from Rooting and installing Google Play Services on the ASUS Memo Pad HD7 Part 1

8. Download the three necessary .apk's to get Google Play Store working: GoogleServicesFramework.apk, GoogleLoginService.apk and GooglePlay. Copy the .apk's to your device.

: The XDA developer who wrote the original tutorial provides a .rar of all three (same link at Even if you use older versions of these apps, Google Play will perform an update once Google Play is set up.    

9. Install Root Explorer using the stock Android app store or by downloading the .apk from a reputable third-party source.

You don't need the latest version of Root Explorer and you can uninstall Root Explorer after the process is complete. I installed Root Explorer 2.17.2 without issues, though a newer one is now available.

10. Launch Root Explorer.

11. Navigate to the folder where you stored the three Google Play .apk's. 

12. Tap the options button, then Multi-Select. Select the three .apk's.

13. Tap Copy in the bottom menu.

14. Using the return button, navigate to the system folder, and then the app folder (/system/app).

Note: Avoid leaving Root Explorer or you will lose the Paste option and will have to copy the 3 files again.

15. Tap Paste to copy the files to the app folder.

16. Tap the Mount R/W button.

17. Long press any of the Google .apk's you copied to the folder, and then tap Permissions.

18. Clear the check boxes so that Read for User, Group and Others are selected but Write is only selected for User. Tap OK.

19. Repeat steps 15 and 16 until all three Google .apk's have the permission rw-r--r--

20. Tap the Mount R/O button.

21. Reboot your device by holding down the power button and tapping Restart.

22. Tap Settings, and in the Accounts section, tap Add account to add your Google account. 

Note: Google Play Store at this point is also now available in your apps screen.


  1. Thanks so much! You have made my day!

    I know it was quite stupid, but I spent a while trying to work out how stop the system/app folder telling me it was read-only. Just for clarity you might want to tell people to toggle the R/O button earlier.


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