Rooting and installing Google Play Services on the ASUS Memo Pad HD7 Part 1

If you've purchased Android devices such as the Memo Pad HD7 from countries like China, you'll find yourself lacking access to Google Play Store and in general, Google's online services. Instead, you'll be saddled with a third-party Android app store in Mandarin along with a plethora of China-centric apps such as Weibo, Alipay, Baidu and QQ. By rooting your device and installing Google Services, users can once again register to Google and download apps from Google Play. Note, however, that rooting does void warranty and may prevent your device from downloading future Android updates.

This article goes through the steps of running Framaroot.apk to root the ASUS Memo Pad HD7 and using Root Explorer to install the necessary .apk's for gaining accessing to Google Play Store and Google Services.

Note: I take no credit for the steps but refer instead to the brilliant techs over at XDA-developers. Please donate to the gentleman who wrote the code if you decide to use Framaroot for your device. The steps and the .apk can be found here: Moreover, the steps for installing Google Play Store are exactly the same as the steps written by xjarl and Trevortiger. I just added screenshots for new users unaccustomed to rooting or modifying their device. All credit and praise should be for these great folks at XDA-developers. Feel free to click on the link and just follow the original tutorial:

1. Download the Framaroot-1.8.0.apk file from XDA developers
2. Copy the file to your device manually if you downloaded the .apk from a different PC.
3. Tap Settings in the list of apps. Tap Security and select the Unknown sources item. Click OK at the attention window.

4. Tap File Manager on your app list and tap on framaroot-1.8.0.apk. Tap Install.

4. Launch Framaroot.
5. Select Install SuperSu and then Boromir in Framaroot.

6. Reboot your device by holding down the power button and selecting restart.

Continued in Rooting and installing Google Play Services on the ASUS Memo Pad HD7 Part 2


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