Quick Fix: Windows Phone 8.0.x unresponsive on a Nokia Lumia 925

One of the difficulties with a device that doesn't have a physical pinhole reset button is having to troubleshoot a phone when the software crashes and the hardware controls are unresponsive. Users who are left with no options generally give up and return a device or do something violent to their product.

Although the "hardware reset" steps aren't on the official Verizon Nokia Lumia 925 manual, T-Mobile does provide the steps in their support page and uses it as a solution for at least two issues: an unresponsive phone after fully draining the battery and the phone halting while using an app. The steps outlined here were done on a Nokia Lumia 925 running on Lumia Amber with Windows Phone OS version 8.0.10328.78.

1. Connect the Lumia 925 via USB to a Windows machine or to a power source using the charger and USB cable.
2. Hold down the down volume key and the power button for more than 15 seconds (In my first attempt, it took slightly more than 20 seconds).
3. The phone will power down and then boot up like normal.

For my part, I've had to use the steps only once when the Nokia Lumia 925 crashed while running the excellent Nokia Trailers app. The movie app was stuck on the Settings screen and I was unable to switch apps, shutdown the phone or use any of the physical or touch buttons (not even the power button). If I had known about the "hard" reset, I wouldn't have let the phone run out of battery, which didn't fix the issue even after I plugged the phone to a Windows machine.

Nokia Trailers app

If the phone is unresponsive due to you letting the phone completely run out of battery, the T-mobile support page recommends charging the battery first (which I completely agree with) or the steps might not actually do anything. Note that the procedure here is not the same as the "Master hardware reset" solution which involves reverting the phone back to its factory settings using the physical buttons and not using the Settings screen.


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