Quick Fix: VirtualBox guest system slowing down system

If you use VirtualBox for Linux distributions and running Windows for legacy applications (e.g Adobe PageMaker 7.1), you can appreciate the usefulness of VirtualBox's exceptional performance and seamless experience. VirtualBox has gone a long way into making a supplement operating system available with another desktop. However, even an Intel Core i5 from a previous generation can struggle when running VirtualBox with a guest system like Windows XP or Mageia, especially if you're running powerful applications such as Adobe Illustrator or Bluefish.  

To ease your experience when running VirtualBox on a Windows or Linux host, use the Pause (Host+P) option when the host system starts to slow down. While a virtual machine is running and you don't need the guest system, click Machine on the toolbar and Pause. The Pause option frees up memory and processor resources for you to focus on your primary operating system and get some work done. When you need to get back to your guest machine, just click Machine and then Pause again.


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