Quick Fix: Installing Knoppix 7.2 on an SSD

Although Knoppix was designed to run from a CD or USB, it's so good as a frugal Debian-based distribution that you might want to install it on an old SSD. As I explained on an earlier article, it's a great Linux distribution for a dedicated writing machine. One minor question users may have when installing to a SSD is which installation option to choose on the Knoppix menu.

For mechanical hard drives, select KNOPPIX HD Install.

For SSDs, flash drives or SD cards, select Install KNOPPIX to flash disk.

Having installed Knoppix on a legacy EEEPC 701 with its stock 4GB SSD, I can attest the performance difference between running from a LiveUSB and from the SSD are unnoticeable. I do, however, prefer not having a USB port occupied or a distracting Kingston flash drive sticking out of my machine.


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