Quick Fix: Unetbootin Bootable LiveUSB fails

If you formatted your USB stick or flash drive using the Disk Management Service in Windows and created a LiveUSB using UNetbootin, you may find yourself with an unbootable USB device. 

Check if you used exFAT to format your drive. Microsoft's improvements to FAT32 which resulted in exFAT does help with large file support and storage but may causes issues for other USB storage uses. Some motherboard USB functions, such as updating the firmware, won't work with exFAT formatted drives. Unetbootin will actually complete the LiveUSB process with exFAT but most systems will not boot to the USB drive.

For creating a LiveUSB using Unetbootin, format the USB storage device using FAT32 instead. Windows' diskmgmt.msc and Linux utilities like Gparted will always have FAT32 as an option.


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